HolistaPets Calcium Carbonate 250g

Preparation obtained from natural limestone, intended to enrich and balance calcium deficiency in B.A.R.F., cooked and elimination diets.


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Calcium is a mineral necessary for the proper growth and development of the body. This element is a component of bones, therefore it influences the shaping of the skeletal system in puppies and kittens. Calcium is involved in enzymatic processes, hormone secretion and blood clotting. As one of the electrolytes, it also regulates the flow of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. The work of the heart also partially depends on its correct level.

To properly adjust the supplementation with a calcium supplement in your pet's diet, consult an animal nutritionist or veterinarian.

Composition100% Calcium Carbonate

Calcium (Ca): 40,03g/100g 

Serve: mix with food.

Dosage:  7-8 g per 1kg od meal 

Approximate weight of the product in the measuring cup: approx. 1g

Storage: at room temperature, in a tightly closed container.


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